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Latin American Cusine

Latin American Cusine

Latin American CuisineLatin America is composed of 33 countries including South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Latin America or in short LATAM is expansive and diverse, but one thing is for sure; its food is robust, flavorful and always inventive. It embodies traditions of its many peoples and ancestors where cultures are influenced from Native America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

LATAM is so rich in food, colors, culture, music, typography, dialects and so much more dating back centuries to old civilizations. Recipes and techniques vary from region to region. From coast to amazons to flatlands and highlands (the Sierra) the vast diversity of cuisines is endless.

Chef David Aaron

Chef David Aaron

Creator of AARON'S CATERING where Chef David Aaron has been named "The People Who Make Miami" by Ocean

Drive, "The Top 20 Industry Leaders Under 40" and named as "The 68 Most Innovative People "In the United States" prepandemic

for 19 years.

He has led and advised to open more than 35 food and beverage operations in Colombia, Peru, and the United States,

including restaurants, mixology programs, food trucks, hotels and food and beverage operations.

Owner of innovative places recognized for creating new trends in the industry and for their recognized awards: Huerta

Coctelería Artesanal - 2016 "Best new bar in Colombia", 2018 "Best bar in Bogotá" and “Best Signature Cocktails in

Colombia ", 2019" Best Bar in Bogotá ", 2020" Best Liquor Bar in Bogotá " and 2022 "Best Bar in Bogota" at Premios La Barra

(Colombia) and Oak Restaurant with a nomination for Premios La Barra 2019 as “Best New Casual Restaurant” in Bogotá

and “Best Casual Restaurant” in 2021.

Chef David Aaron now embarks to take Latin Fresh to a national well known brand along side father Jay Aaron and

partner Juanita Mesa.

IG: @chefdavidaaron

"La Familia"

"La Familia"

Jay Aaron, Ofelia Aaron, David Aaron, Juanita Aaron

Buy Local + Buy Responsibly

Buy Local + Buy Responsibly

We at Latin Fresh are striving everyday to help the environment, reduce gas emissions, buy locally, buy responsibly and do what ever it takes to do our part to the world.

A few things Latin Fresh has done from opening its doors:

All the furniture is recycled and re-used giving it a new life and not having to cut down more trees. We spent more money giving all the furniture a second life than having to go out and buy new ones. Everyone thought we were crazy but our conscious would not allow us to have to cut down more trees

All of our plates are 1)made with sustainable fibers using renewable & natural fibers; 2) produced with renewable non-petroleum resource which is sustainably harvested natural fibers that are a renewable and sustainable resource that nature provides; 3) and compostable, biodegradable and recyclable which helps close the loop in a safe and healthy manner for the environment (Be Green)

Our cutlery is 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Content Cutlery made from 100% post-consumer recycled polystyrene. Traditional single-use cutlery is made from unsustainable virgin plastic. This recycled content cutlery is an industry-first, environmental solution that can help keep waste out of landfills. Eco Products goal is to reduce their impacts on air, water and soil to reduce their generation of solid and hazardous waste and limit the consumption/intake of goods and raw materials (Eco Products)